In 1987 a pioneering recycled clothing shop named Nu to U opened its doors on Parnell Road in Auckland.  Two sisters realized that amazing pieces of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories had nowhere to go after their owner’s initial love for them had diminished.  They recognised that one person’s lost loved items could be another woman's absolute treasure and the pieces could have another life and be adored again.  

It was a visionary move in 1987 before recycled clothing became the force that it is now, based on the belief that recycling was a major part of our clothing future; that would be of benefit to not only our environment but also our pockets.  They had some help in creating the Nu to U logo from Billy Apple no less and Nu to U was born.

Parnell was the perfect position in which to base the business.  A fantastic catchment area consisting of women who loved high-end pieces, many of which were originally purchased overseas and were, at that stage, unavailable in New Zealand.

Stock was not hard to come by as the savvy Parnell ladies recognized that they could make money from their pre-loved pieces (which assisted in purchasing new items no doubt) and Nu to U flourished.  The shop on Parnell Road (the road where Nu to U has remained for the entirety of its 35 years) quickly became the go-to shop for women to purchase high end, excellent quality preloved clothing and accessories.  Many of our clients that come into the shop now have been with us for many, many years and remember the early days of Nu to U.

The business was purchased by Emily-Jane Dasent in 2017. She envisaged an expanded future for the business through the engagement of social media and a user-friendly ecommerce website, meaning Nu to U and its fabulous recycled clothing could be purchased from anywhere in the world. 

Your bricks’n’mortar shop remains on Parnell Road and is a firm favourite with women who appreciate quality pieces at prices far below their original retail prices.  We like to think of Nu to U as retail + therapy.  We consider our clients and suppliers to be extended family and we relish our relationships with these wonderful women.  We always try to make the shopping experience with us  joyous and empowering.  We love that the shop is a hub of warmth and conversation with clients often popping in just for a chat or for a piece of fashion advice.  We think this is what makes us special – our heart.

And while many things have changed over the past 35 years, the ethos of re-selling fantastic designer recycled clothing and accessories in excellent condition in a friendly and relaxed environment remains the same.  

We look forward to delivering more of the same for the next 35 years.