Clearing out your wardrobe can be a daunting task but don’t let it scare you!  It’s a liberating experience, discarding the no longer suitable, a figurative shedding of the skin, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Let’s start out with baby steps and here’s a trick I tell my in-store customers. 

Start off by facing all your coat hanger hooks towards the rear of your wardrobe. As you remove items from the coat hanger, wear and replace back on the coat hanger, turn the hook towards the front of the wardrobe. 

Within 6 months (summer/winter) you’ll be able to easily identify the items that you no longer wear – their coat hanger hooks will still all be facing toward the back of the wardrobe.  These are your pariah pieces and they need to be reviewed! 

Ask yourself some questions:

- Do I love his piece, but it’s never fitted properly? Then get it altered.

- Do I love this fabric, but it’s not quite right? Then up-cycle it – add something or take something away. 

As our body shape changes, items no longer suit us as they once did.  It’s a bit cutthroat, but you really do have to be realistic.  Imagine you were someone else looking at you.  Would you like what you saw and appreciate your sense of style and individuality? Or would you think, what the hell was she thinking?

OK now that you have some pieces that need to go.  You must resist, resist, resist ladies, holding on to them for sentimental reasons – you know what I’m talking about –this is what I wore when my child won best drawing at kindy etc etc or the highly depressing - when I lose weight this will fit me again. Let it go.  Be free. 

And remember to recycle where you possibly can – your pre-loved is someone else’s yet to be loved!!  Get to it girls!