“How does it make you feel?” is the now oft repeated mantra of clean out queen Marie Kondo.   It equally applies to the world of recycle.  When you shop recycle, it engenders feelings closely akin to having a relationship.  And with fashion there is that extra special magic that clothes cast on us.  After all, clothes maketh the man - or woman. 

Let’s start at the beginning - the thrill of the chase.  On any given day, in any given recycling shop, there’s the potential to find “the one”.  The perfect piece that completes you.  Or there’s the very real and very sad possibility that you could strike out altogether. 

 The variety in a recycle shop can sometimes be overwhelming.  Each piece is different, unique and tells its own story.  The colours, the textures, the sizes, and the designs add up to a symphony of style.  You’re beyond joyous.  But while you are surrounded by the rosy glow of recycle shopping, you must keep an eye out for hidden flaws - imperfections that could cause you no end of grief in the future, or just the perfect thing in the wrong size.  And that’s all part of the allure.  You just never know what you’re going to get, diamond or coal.

Then, there’s the moment!  You experience unparalleled happiness because you have bagged yourself an absolute bargain!   A beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece that is perfect in all ways.  A keeper!  It could even be that it’s something you wouldn’t usually find as you wouldn’t shop in places with items like that, something you tried on a whim.  It feels creative and fresh, and it is.  It’s all part of the charm and adventure of recycle shopping.

The journey culminates with the actual transaction.  There’s that intense high.  The very thing that you have fallen in love with, has fallen in love with you too.  It fits beautifully, it looks fantastic, and you feel unabated joy when you put it on.  You have searched high and low, you have put in the time, there have been some epic fails, but you never lost hope. 

But the best part is yet to be revealed … in tandem with the emotional connection, when purchasing pre-loved there’s the altruistic and environmental aspect.  Your purchase has contributed to circular fashion and keeping a local landfill free of yet another piece of textile wastage.  So be part of the recycle movement, supply, shop and feel joy every step of the recycle relationship that you’ve made a difference!